At Pelka Endodontics L.L.C., we are here to guide you through each step of your treatment. This includes preparing for treatment and helping you through the healing process. Below, we have provided some simple instructions to follow before and after endodontic treatment. We want you to feel confident in your dental healthcare decisions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our caring endodontist in Williamsport and State College, Pennsylvania, Dr. Jakub Pelka. He and his team are happy to assist you.


It is important to note that before any treatment at our office, Dr. Jakub Pelka will sit down with you and discuss any specific instructions to your individual case. Generally, we suggest all our patients eat a full meal before coming for treatment and continue to take any medication recommended by your physician for your general health.

If you will be undergoing certain forms of sedation, we will insist that you have an escort to drive you home after your appointment.


When you have completed your endodontic treatment, we will first encourage you to contact your general dentist if you are in need of a permanent crown or filling. This is very important and needs to be completed within four weeks of your endodontic treatment, unless otherwise dictated by Dr. Jakub Pelka. We will also encourage you to maintain good oral hygiene habits to take care of your new smile.

If you experience any pain or discomfort, we may suggest some basic over-the-counter medication such as AdvilĀ® or MotrinĀ®. Specific recommendations will be given based on your individual circumstances. If you continue to experience pain after treatment, please contact our dental office for more information.