What is a dental emergency?

At Pelka Endodontics L.L.C., we are here to help you when you face dental emergencies and traumatic injuries. We understand that these situations can be frightening and often cause anxiety. Together with your general dentist, we will work together to treat you injuries as quickly and as effectively as possible. The most common injuries Dr. Jakub Pelka, our caring endodontist, treats include:

  • Severe infection in your dental pulp
  • Dislodged or knocked-out teeth
  • Dental trauma or accidents

When you call our dental office, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your smile until you are able to visit our office. If you are facing a traumatic injury or dental emergency in State College, Pennsylvania, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

How are dental injuries in children treated?

Traumatic injuries can be especially damaging to children’s smiles because the permanent teeth are still growing. Dr. Jakub Pelka offers two special endodontic treatments to ensure your child’s overall oral health is maintained for a lifetime.

The first of these treatments is known as apexogenesis. It is the process by which we encourage the root of the tooth to continue growing as damaged dental pulp heals. As your child gets older, the walls of the root canal system will strengthen so that the tooth root will close. The second treatment is known as apexification, and it is used to remove all unhealthy dental pulp. Dr. Jakub Pelka places medication into the tooth root that forms a hard tissue near the tip, which acts as a barrier for a root canal filling. For more information about these treatments and how we can help children at our office, please give our friendly team a call.