What is endodontic retreatment?

At Pelka Endodontics L.L.C., we will always do everything within our power to save your tooth with endodontic treatments that will last for a lifetime. However, certain circumstances may arise when you will need to revisit our office for endodontic retreatment. Endodontic retreatment includes those treatments we offer to take care of a problem that has not fully healed after your first visit or when new conditions arise to affect an already treated tooth.

Do I need endodontic retreatment?

We may suggest endodontic retreatment in State College, Pennsylvania, if:

  • Some portions of your root canal system were not treated
  • Decay or damage went undetected, but have now fully emerged
  • Fresh forms of decay have caused a new infection
  • Your dental restoration has become damaged, exposing the tooth

If you need endodontic retreatment, our team will quickly diagnosis and repair the problem to ensure your smile stays healthy and bright.

How is endodontic retreatment completed?

When you come into our office for endodontic retreatment, Dr. Jakub Pelka, our accomplished endodontist, will gently reopen your tooth and perform a thorough examination to discover what has damaged your tooth. After cleaning your tooth, your endodontic treatment is redone and completed with exactness to ensure you do not continue to have problems. To learn more about endodontic retreatment, please contact us today. We look forward to taking care of your smile, no matter its condition.